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Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Reservoir H.S. Stadium (11550 Scaggsville Rd, Fulton, MD 20759)

5:30pm  2020 FREESTATE TOP 22 vs. 2020 WAVELAX TOP 22

7:00pm  2018 FREESTATE TOP 22 vs. 2018 WAVELAX TOP 22

8:30pm  2019 FREESTATE TOP 22 vs. 2019 WAVELAX TOP 22

Please arrive 45 minutes prior to your game time to jersey and pay the $30 fee (jersey, refs, insurance, etc.). 


 If you would like to be considered for the WAVELAX TOP 22 team please contact you high school coach and have him contact WAVELAX Director, Jeff Doolan ASAP!!! at admin@teamwavelax.com 


We have some very exciting news to announce regarding this year’s WAVELAX Tryouts! We are very proud to announce that Maverik Lacrosse has come on board as the sponsor of the 2017 WAVELAX Tryouts and teams. This partnership speak volumes about what we are trying to do here with our WAVELAX Tryouts and teams. 


 Once again, we will be holding a tryout to find the best kids in each graduating class (2018, 2019 & 2020) to represent DC/VA against the FREESTATE teams representing the best of Maryland!! WAVELAX is not a club team but rather a team representing the best high school and club players that attend DC/VA public and private schools. This is a great opportunity to represent the area while showcasing your talents. Please see below for a list of colleges with coaches in attendance of the WAVELAX events. 

WAVELAX would like to thank everyone who participated in the previous WAVELAX Tryouts, TOP 44 Games and TOP 22 Games vs. FREESTATES. The event was a great opportunity to showcase the talented players of the DC/VA area. 

Welcome to the home of Team WAVELAX! 

Team WAVELAX has been created to provide an opportunity for the best high school players from the Washington DC and Virginia public and private high schools and DC/VA residents to tryout to be selected for Team WAVELAX (Washington dc And Virginia Elite). Team WAVELAX  is not “JUST ANOTHER TRYOUT” as Team WAVELAX will have the opportunity to compete against the prestigious FREESTATE teams selected by the MSLCA (Maryland State Lacrosse Coaches Association). The FREESTATE tryouts and teams have been in existence since 1997 providing Maryland high school players an unparalleled opportunity until now. Team WAVELAX will now provide the same exposure and opportunities for Washington DC and Virginia players.  The tryout will select the very best players from Washington DC and Virginia to compete against the MSLCA FREESTATE team in a Showcase format.

Washington DC and Virginia area high school coaches will nominate their best players in each graduation class for the WAVELAX tryouts. Once nominated, players will have the opportunity to register for Team WAVELAX tryouts. Only the first 88 applications will be processed per graduation year (see note below). Each application will receive a number assigned as your application is received and will be based on your position.

NOTE: After a pre-determined amount of numbers are assigned to individual positions, registration for that position will be closed and a waiting list will be started. You may only choose one position. The number assigned to your application will also be your player number. During the tryouts you will not be known by name but ONLY by your number to keep the evaluators objective as they rank the best players during the tryout process. 

The 2017 WAVELAX tryout will feature only 88 players per graduation class (2018, 2019 and 2020) competing in three different respective tryouts.  Each graduation year tryout will cut down to the TOP 44 GAME for the second tryout.  From the TOP 44 games for each class a TOP 22 will be selected. The WAVELAX TOP 22 from each class will play against the MSLCA FREESTATE TOP 22 from the same class.  The WAVELAX process is sure to draw the attention of the top college coaches in the country.

WAVELAX will be evaluated by Washington DC and Virginia high school lacrosse coaches. Unlike other area tryouts which often feature teams that may seem pre-selected or that feature players seemingly selected because of which school they play for this tryout is different.  The WAVELAX process is designed to give EVERY player and equal shot at making the team based on his WAVELAX tryout. Each evaluator will be tasked with ranking the top players at each position. Each evaluator’s rankings will be entered into computer program created to assign a point value to each ranking based on the each player’s tryout number.  The program will total the points for each player resulting in a ranking of players at each position.  This process eliminates the “politics” of other tryouts; each evaluator gets one ranking sheet and there will be no lobbying or campaigning for players to make the team.  There will be a limit of one evaluator per school per position.

WAVELAX is a progressive tryout. Players that make it to the TOP 44 games will carry their points into the TOP 44 game. The rankings of the TOP 44 game will be given a higher value and the players with the most combined points will be named to the TOP 22.  The WAVELAX TOP 22 teams will face off against the MSLCA FREESTATE TOP 22 teams in a triple header.

Team WAVELAX is seeking to have the most equitable tryout process around to choose the most deserving Washington DC and Virginia high school lacrosse players!!!


If you are a high school coach:

Please see our NOMINATIONS page to nominate your best players for the tryout. The nomination period will open in late March or early April.

Please email if you would like to be involved in the evaluation process or would like to coach teams through the tryout process. All evaluators and coaches will receive a tee shirt and will be paid a stipend for their time.

If you are a Washington DC or Virginia high school lacrosse player (Class of 2018, 2019 or 2020) and interested in trying out please be sure to have your high school coach see the NOMINATIONS page to learn about the nomination process!!!


AFTER the NOMINATION process opens you may click HERE to complete your Coach Registration and Nominate Players. The Nomination Process should open at the end of March.



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